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β€œWhen you have something to say, silence is a lie.”

– Jordan Peterson

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"I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

– Robert A. Heinlein

Where is Greenest Dallas from here?


This answer regarding Greenest Dallas and it whereabouts depends on the particular perspective into the universe one perceives from. One other than 'my' own such as 'yours' or of any one 'other'? To that question I 'ought' not, can not, and would not say as that is the very nature of what is yours or 'your' own.

Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel-San Wax On Wax Off via Greenest Dallas

I can speak for myself however, and the answer of where to go for me is nowhere. This Greenest Dallas is where I intend to be for some number of moments whose total is not up to me. I'm here. I've already arrived, I'm patient, and I have been anticipating your arrival with Joy! This Green Miyagi is exactly where I mean to be, intentionally, and on purpose. Free to faithfully be, and while otherwise behaving in various human ways. No way is the way, but kinda like a bee hive we must be all together one. Honey does not make itself, and once the bees are all gone? I hope we don't find out the answer to that question my friend.

We hope you enjoy the Greenest Dallas Miyagi Get Free Inner Philosophy blog, and interact with it & with us however you desire or must. I've laid out some optional places to be below to help you get from here to wherever your unique & individual 'there' may happen to be.

mr miyagi and daniel san looking tough for greenest dallas miyagi blog arrival

One last thing I desire to suggest is the lack of any space, time, or spacetime between 'here' and 'there' that you must traverse before precisely arriving in the moment you do. The moment here & now is the only place the universe that is US has exist as, or that WE have truly exist within. Time is only a concept, space & time are relative to each other, and together they comprise the illusory framework we have come to believe as reality deceives.


Gratefully it matter not in our participatory universe as it manifests itself unto consciousness throughout as ourselves till from within we throw our self out.

"Peace, Love, & Get Free."

– Green Miyagi

the karate kid movie characters mr miyagi on the back shoulder of young daniel-san in greenest dallas

Greenest Dallas Places and things

The various pages on this site that can be had as places or things are differentiated below. Going anywhere from here can be conceptually difficult to grasp, and to reach for it makes it impossible to have arrived. So, either on this web page, or within your mind there must be a 'click'.

Simply click a button with a page title typed into it using your flesh & bone to be whisked away from home or an arrival here. If from here to there can by consciousness or spirit alone be achieved via the 'click' within yourself then you certainly do not need me to explain anything further regarding the matter.

Do you?

Regardless, we thank you all for being here at Green Miyagi Blog we pray that you have a blessed day, but that is also up to you.

Isn't it?



- -

"If we each take responsibility in shifting our own behavior, we can trigger the type of change that is necessary to achieve sustainability for our race or this planet. We change our planet, our environment, our humanity every day, every year, every decade, and every millennia."

– Yehuda Berg

Overstanding Greenest Dallas sustainability today


Regardless of any individual Greenest Dallas perspective, we can objectively determine certain elements of the world we live in. We have a shared reality that we define as 'truth'. The existence of a massive patch of garbage in the ocean is a fact, and we know it's so big the State of Texas would fit on it... TWICE. We know that excess garbage is a result of excess consumerism in developed nations.

model of skull with brain labeled for overstanding in north texas by greenest dallas

We can measure our Greenest Dallas world to realize we are in a major extinction event, that fossil fuel use is the major driver of climate change, and we can trace it all back to human activity on Earth. As humans, the totality of our behavior is not environmentally sustainable, and the consequences, which we can determine scientifically, are of a magnitude that has us on a crash course with certain self-extinction if left unchecked.

We can determine the validity of what we are told, read, or hear through fact-checking statements. We can through this know the reality about which politicians or corporate executives are being dishonest, deceitful, misinformed, in denial, or just ignorant of the truth. We can utilize empirical data to discover how our social systems function in reality relative to their respective missions and/or purpose.

overstanding green greener greenest dallas sustainable social responsibility resist coastline green miyagi blog worldwide

We can through public information trace the influence of money in our government through lobby groups and campaign finance records of politicians or candidates to infer their intentions, reveal nepotistic loyalties, and gain transparency into who is in cahoots with who. We know what types of morality will fail to be socially and economically sustainable to a Greenest Dallas culture we idealize as good.

We have decades of data to illuminate our failures. Social and economic failures such as the undeniable ineffectiveness of mass-incarceration via the crime-and-punishment paradigm or the trauma that the systematic familial alienation/separation has caused to the very children/parent relationships that our child protection services entity was to prevent and protect children from. We must see these things not as idols, but our best-then aims at achieving ideals.

Understanding how Greenest Dallas sustainability must evolve

We now possess an understanding of human behavior through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis we lacked when creating now decades-old institutions that before such behavioral framework could not have possibly been designed to shape social behavior properly or effectively to achieve social bottom lines we initially had in mind.

greenest dallas green miyagi guides us to overstanding how to overcome sustainability obstacles

Now that interrelated phenomena, systems, institutions, and entities are individually understood we see how they interact with each other as one inextricably intertwined 'thing' of which we now possess an overstanding about.

We can correct all of this technically, but we certainly will not utilize the ability to if we do not ensure this knowledge exists on a foundation of solid morality and ethical consistency. We could correct these things, but correct them we can only with admitting to the truth of the matters while committing to righteousness in our Greenest Dallas beings.

green miyagi group of overstanding gen z

Overstanding Greenest Dallas morality

We must attain our overstanding sustainable social responsibility for Gen Z via unity, but most critical to overstand is our new moral dilemma model conceptually speaking.

We once upon a time faced a this or that moral paradigm of 'right vs. wrong' on which the collective ethics of humanity comfortably sat. We could simply understand such a dichotomy.

Times have changed and as closed systems entropy chaos has gained ground on order increasing levels of complexity that we must sort through. Our new moral dilemma is effectively realizing our previous but now false dichotomy. The evolution of our moral dilemma now poses 3 possibilities we are faced with.

1) Right

2) Wrong

3) Not Right & Not Wrong

The A trichotomy it is not however as the 3 options are not equal in moral distribution. Option 3 'not right not wrong' is the mechanism that has allowed us to be complicit with wrong-doing by simply not deciding to do-right when it's not standing directly in our way.

So actually 3) not right not wrong is wrong by default by not being right, and we have lulled ourselves into choosing immorality 2 times out of 3 not 50-50 as it once seemed.

I truly believe that this new model of human morality in a society is the pillar that we must then base our objective truth upon. Each and every one of us must hold ourselves and each other accountable for Earth environmentally & society systematically that the young humans soon to inherit our Greenest Dallas Earth will see.

I'll rant about other things here, but my primary aim with Green Miyagi Blog is to explore a future of overstanding sustainable social responsibility for Gen Z.

It is what it is, but it is not what it must be.

You, me and them all together collected in being conscious of this is how...

WE Becomes US

"We cannot lose if we do not pick teams"

– Green Miyagi



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