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Green Miyagi Blog posts about Greenest Dallas Miyagi Get Free Inner Philosophy blog is over whatever topic defies our logic.


Greenmiyagi.blog is one of the Green Miyagi Brand of Dallas, Texas' web spaces. Green Miyagi is the DBA of Corey Sargent.


Green Miyagi has numerous offerings of products, services, and ideas within our cultural atmosphere of Greener Dallas branded being-ness. They are all represented under a single Earth Teardrop logo created in Deep Ellum as it was tattooed on his face.


Yeah we're that serious about what we are doing here.


We bleed Sustainable Social Responsibility Business because of our North Texas Water Conservation Mission on behalf of our Gen Z sons and daughters. We just hope to somehow improve the situation they will inherit from previous generations regarding environmental sustainability and social sustainability on Planet Earth.


Our primary vehicle in driving cultural change regarding sustainable social responsibility is Green Miyagi Waterless | Dallas Eco Auto Detailing serving Dallas, Texas by providing Waterless Car Wash and Eco-Friendly services via our mobile auto detailing unit the 'Baby Megalodon Prius'.


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Just some Greener Dallas guy virtually belief-creating US via WordPress sights seen blasting out from his 3rd Miyag-Eye...

Trust.. ...WE Becomes US.

"We cannot lose if we do not pick teams."

-Green Miyagi