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Gratitude, Love, & a Prius


“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”


In a universe where everything that EXISTS could just as well NOT EXIST, and to go further EXISTENCE as you perceive it could be inconceivably worse than what you are experiencing in your current state of being. If you really open your mind and your eyes and take in the world around you what you will find are things that you wish to yourself would never happen or would prefer to not ever apply to your life

The exercise of looking outside of myself to others and truly empathizing with their suffering is tough, and it creates a vulnerability as well as a sensitivity. This existential tragedy is the very thing that allows me to then go within myself to take an inventory of what I do have, to count my blessings, and this is where I can find myself grateful in times when the light gets dim. There may not be anything more important than the ability to feel gratitude or be grateful for what does EXIST in your life experience.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John F. Kennedy

Blessed Miyagi

Green Miyagi Waterless Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash Service was designed as a Sustainable Social Responsibility Business purposed with a North Texas Water Conservation Mission. This mission is why Green Miyagi Network was envisioned and then created. We strive for our business to live with the smallest eco-footprint and largest social contribution. We use eco-safe products, our auto detailing utilizes waterless car wash, our business cards are made from 100% percent recycled paper. Every action of ours is taken to be more sustainable than we before, and if we have the ability to we do act accordingly.

prius with shark fin drivers side

This is where Green Miyagi has recently been blessed.

prius with shark fin passenger side

We found our Toyota Prius. It was right where we asked for it to be.

prius in grass

It’s name is Love, and Love we are eternally grateful for.

shark fin creation

We can now bless North Texas with an even more sustainable business than before.

prius interior

Why yes that’s a baby shark’s dorsal fin! A baby Megalodon Shark.

Toyota Prius Love

Where do we start? Sustainability, of course. The last vehicle we provided mobile services in was a 2005 Ford Explorer, and now we provide services in a 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid. This decreases our MPG by about 32. We power our vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners utilizing a power inverter connected to the vehicle battery. In a combustion-only engine, we had to leave our vehicle running while machines were running, and this required about an hour per job. The Prius only needs to run its gas engine for about 10 minutes for an hour of power. This plus increased driving mileage saves us around 1125 gallons of fossil fuels in one year. So the only negative impact we have on our environment is burning a gallon of gas every 40 miles or so.

green miyagi earth teardrop logo

I worked internally designing, developing, and implementing one of Toyota’s most coveted business lines, and am very aware of how they operate internally in regards to their manufacturing.

They truly take to heart & embody Kaizen, or the art of continuous improvement. I believe this has always been reflected in the quality of their cars, and we are blessed to level up now that Green Miyagi Waterless Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash Service has ours so we can now increase the value we add to our local communities.

That’s the blog. Bye!

“We cannot lose if we do not pick teams.”
-Green Miyagi

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