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North Texas Water Conservation Mission

““We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau


When the day came that I realized the corporate-based employment or hierarchically organized institutional involvement would soon or had already run it’s natural course in my life I had a come-to-Jesus-if-he-were-myself meeting with myself. When I say I had a meeting what I mean is I had to go within and profoundly examine who I was, why I was anyone at all, and most terrifyingly if I was someone what am I doing. What am I doing with what is left to come? Once I reached conceptual clarity on these questions I was left simply pondering what am I being. The most enlightening outcome of this hiatus from my ego was the deep seeded belief and resolve that whatever I was in process of being from that point on was going to be reasoned from a position of logic, morality, and with a distinct purpose. I don’t know why. I just know why.

Back to the Basics

So my pursuit of purpose was exclusively driven by two factors. The first was an acute awareness beginning in childhood of our trajectory as a human species on Planet Earth. I understood the connectivity within the natural world, and realized that the degenerative way we consume resources is a finite endeavor. Finite because either we completely end the hyper-consumptive ways of behaving as a humanity, or we completely come to an end via extinction from failing to pivot behaviorally as a humanity.

corey and audrie

The second factor did not exist in childhood, but then adulthood blessed me with fatherhood. My daughter has provided me direction and purpose for 15 years now, and I need to help ensure a world where her kids can provide the same to her.

So basically I concluded that since, in my belief at least, economic institutions functionally exert the primary control over how this country and others operate over time through the money-market economy that a market-based business solution would be more impactful than a non-profit or government/public administration solution. The most critical area in need of a solution and deserving of my focus in the area my daughter is being raised in I felt most assuredly was water. Nothing is more basic for life on Earth than water, and nothing else matters without it.

Tell the Vision

I could see the water predictions in North Texas demanded that Texas Water Development Board water strategy be successfully implemented. I could see this was not a guarantee, and I believe that a concentrated private intervention could do nothing but improve our water future in North Texas is done properly. I found the technological means to do so in the everyday occurrence of cleaning cars, and an idea of how to do it collaboratively with other local businesses to benefit all in a win-win-win-win. I didn’t single-handedly create this vision. It found me, and was just a collaboration itself from all the ideas humanity had before me. Green Miyagi was the vision, and the vision was only mine in the moment it became, but it’s not mine in the sense that others must participate to see it to fruition and it is designed to benefit all others.

Through this Shared Social Benefit Business was born, and has evolved into Sustainable Social Responsibility Business.

Private businesses collaborating in a model that provides as a byproduct a social benefit for the public. The particular benefit Green Miyagi was created to provide comes from our purpose which is our North Texas Water Conservation Mission. We do this on the fundamental level by our Waterless Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash Service focused now in Dallas, Texas. We practice and promote water conservation, educate consumers about our water strategy provided by Texas Water Development Board, and conserve an average of 40 gallons of water and avoid water pollutants with each service we provide to a customer. Every citizen in the local area benefits from each and every bit of water we save.

We Becomes Us

The exercise of this business model culminates in the way the collaboration occurs. The Green Miyagi Network was conceptualized to allow additional local private business brands to join our Mission and receive benefits provided by Green Miyagi in the form of various advertising and marketing services. The money contributed by the Green Miyagi Network is then used to subsidize the auto detailing costs the public would otherwise have to pay Green Miyagi. This allows us to cut our prices in half and make the sustainable option the cheaper option with the Network member businesses get the credit for saving citizens at least $100 per waterless mobile detailing service. Once the public understands and supports this circular benefit concept and can seriously consider the potential positive impact of an idea put into action like this we believe that an aware and progressive society will take actions that reflect better water conservation education. This is the Green Miyagi purpose, and this is what we are grateful to exist in order to achieve. We thank you for any attention and participation that you contribute to our North Texas Water Conservation Mission.

“We cannot lose if we do not pick teams”.
-Green Miyagi

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