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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Examined

“Adopt responsibility for your own well-being, try to put your family together, try to serve your community, try to seek for eternal truth… That’s the sort of thing that can ground you in your life, enough so that you can withstand the difficulty of life.”

-Jordan Peterson


We welcome you and appreciate your attention here at Green Miyagi Blog. In this post, we are defining and examining social responsibility beginning with the individual, and then one’s personal responsibility as it pertains to other individuals and society as a whole.

Personal Responsibility

For the most part, It seems we all agree, whether we can admit it at any given moment or not, that we should each be personally responsible for who we are, what we do, and who we come to be as individuals in a society.

Sometimes we attempt to place blame on other factors, but in doing so we literally have nothing to gain. I think most accurately speaking, to blame any one thing is an impossibility as it ignores the infinite number of moments in time that led up to pinpointing the thing at ‘blame’. Any one moment where something differed before the ‘place of blame’ would logically render the point of blame moot and then every moment beforehand becomes ‘at fault’. So really to blame any one thing on any one other is a logical fallacy. Consequently, there is no ‘blame’.

Once we remove blame there are two possibilities left that an individual can choose to take. Disengage from life entirely, and many people do, or look in the mirror being fully accountable for every and anything that you perceive internally or externally.

When I say we get to ‘choose’ this is not a declaration of free will. Freedom to choose one among multiple possibilities is the choice I speak of. When an individual is self-accountable then everything becomes under their control so one gains a spirit of freedom that the unaccountable do not. Even in a hell of one’s own creation there is a way out by taking accountability for it, and then moment by moment one can eventually climb out. The unaccountable cannot even begin to ascend until they put ascension upon themselves by becoming accountable to self for ending up in heaven or hell regardless of anything else.

Assuming you can agree with the thought process I just laid out regarding personal responsibility we then see the only way to have any control over oneself is to be self-accountable for your actions in the world. Until we are accountable for controlling ourselves we cannot possibly help to impactfully change anything else.

Accountability to Others

“To be accountable means that we are willing to be responsible to another person for our behavior and it implies a level of submission to another’s opinions and viewpoints.”
— Wayde Goodall

Once we can shape ourselves into being an individual holding itself accountable for everything a life encounters, we then gain the freedom to be accountable to all others.

Being accountable to another is being able to stand up unapologetically for choices we make, explain situations honestly, and being willing to provide reasons for why we made the decisions that we made in context of the situation.

This freedom provided by our accountability to ourselves and others is what allows us to confront problems in a position conducive to discovering solutions. It also decreases the probability to make an ill advised choice that we later realize to be immoral or wrong given a similar dilemma again. Finally, and most importantly, by opening up to others through self-accountability we build bridges of understanding amongst each other that promote empathy and reciprocal accountability.

Accountability from Others

“Building a culture in which people take accountability to deliver on its promises is hard work and can be difficult to accomplish. Only when every person is held accountable to themselves, their peers, and their shared possibility can the impossible become possible.”
— Ginger Graham

Accountability can improve our communities and humanity, but only when it goes both ways. Not until we are accountable to self can we rightly hold others accountable for their actions. The Golden Rule and endless other wisdom teaches us to treat as we wish to be treated and to behave in ways we prefer to see others behave.

2 girls in disagreement about social responsibility

Since we all have some effect in our world in each and every moment, and since we cannot extract ourselves from humanity the only way to solve our collective problems is for everyone to hold themselves and each other accountable for our world.

Once we all believe in our collective accountability we will gain an unimaginable trust in society knowing that no matter what we are all personally taking control of our shared experience. This is how we come to eliminate the barriers that impede social progress and divide us into opposing ‘teams’. It is just as critical for me to be able to call you out by questioning something I deem morally wrong as it is for you to call out me so we can then begin the process of coming to agree on a mean in between the two points of view. This foundation establishes the grounds necessary to confront big problems and come to viable solutions through progressive dialogs. I mean the truth is that we are all interconnected as one of the same ‘stuff’, but we get only one point to perceive it through 5 senses that come packaged with an ego that fools us into believing we are brand new and uniquely cool. Other than being able to do something like a ‘God Trick’, that is simply by definition impossible, the only way to truly understand or relate to the sameness of the world ‘outside‘ us is to ironically enough go ‘within‘ ourselves to find what is needed.

Social Accountability

“Every one of us is responsible for everyone else in every way. Everyone is really responsible for everyone and everything.”
— Father Zossima

What does Social Accountability mean? Can an individual be expected to uphold being accountable for every thing in a society?

According to Businessnewsweekly.com:

“Social accountability is defined as the act of holding institutions to a moral standard that protects people’s rights and general welfare. For businesses, this means focusing on more than profit margins and, instead, seeking to bring value to the world at large.”


The emphasis here is that we as individuals collectively hold our social institutions to levels of moral accountability as humans since the entity itself is not rationally capable of ethical considerations.

An institution as an entity in itself has no concept of morality, and thus ‘ought’ to be regulated on the ethical level by you and me. This is why Green Miyagi Waterless Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash Service and the Green Miyagi Network promotes Sustainable Social Responsibility Business by putting it into practice in every aspect of our business.

Social Responsibility Personally

In my case in particular, implementing water conservation as the basis of my business was not anything others held me accountable for creating. I just arrived one day at this feeling that I should, and so I AM. I felt no external pressure (other that life, love, impeding death, and overdue bills of course lol) to make Green Miyagi succeed, and in reality others doubt why or tend to view it as an unnecessary or unachievable pipe dream.

This matters nonetheless to me as I’m in a state of personal resolve. The motivation was of a moral nature and was intrinsic.

I decided to hold myself personally accountable for creating something in the world that can significantly impact the future of Generation Z water in North Texas. I am just one man, and if I can simply be a model for others to find an inspiration to do something conceptually the same then it was worth any and everything my self-accountable actions allowed our communities to gain. If an idea generates accountability in others then the precise reason to argue that social responsibility matters is justified. To make a positive difference by improving something like availability of water years from now when our roles are replaced by our sons and daughters is what ultimately matters as I myself am a teenage daughter’s father.

Social Responsibility Individually

I will leave the you all to extrapolate this concept individually on your own time. I personally can not see or rationally consider how business in a money-market economy should be approached in any way that devalues or ignores the moral implications to obtain greater profit. In concept it is the same as why you wouldn’t teach your children that the most righteous way to get the most eggs on Easter is to punch, scratch, and claw up the other kids until they withdraw from the hunt. I am self-accountable, I expect those around me to be the same, and as a member of a society I feel a responsibility to contribute something meaningful & righteous with the faith of reducing the total suffering endured by those humans that will continue to propagate our species after us given we don’t first self-destruct. My desire is to help myself allow for others around me to have an improved quality of life resulting from a cultural shift improving behaviors in ways I visualize and display when doing Sustainable Social Responsibility Business through Green Miyagi Waterless services in Denison and throughout North Texas.

Social Responsibility Purposefully

I built Green Miyagi with every intention to purposefully conduct private business for public benefit on a North Texas Water Conservation Mission, and I did so holding myself to a standard of being able to add more value in the universe than I expect in return. It’s is the epitome of paying-it-forward, and it comes from the ability to imagine a human not unlike myself and containing part of me genetically having to struggle for that which we take as granted. The very thought I cannot stand, so I stand on the right I have to act according to my morality, and to not let my inactivity regarding water conservation stand. So you decide for yourself whether or not you truly think, feel, and/or believe we should take accountability and to look after each other by being accountable first for ourselves because of warranted assertability.

Social Responsibility Collectively

This is a world in which each and every one of us (theoretically) should look to do our best in being responsible for us all and by default our society as a whole.

This is the world that I choose as the ideal one to exist within.

What you choose to do is between you and your universe my friend.

Thanks for reading!

Green Miyagi

“We cannot lose if we do not pick teams”.
-Green Miyagi

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